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CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Mark II Ultra v10.0.2325.51 incl keygen
” 10, an advanced universal media player for the PC that upgrades and delivers the best playback experience via a range of TrueTheater technologies.
Enabling Full HD and 3D Blu-ray playback, “” 10 features TrueTheater 3D technology, upgrading the movie experience with 3D Movie playback for DVD discs and video files. Meanwhile, the improved version of TrueTheater HD, optimized for the latest CPU/GPU acceleration technologies, enables the upscaling of both DVD movies and video files to HD.
With the initial release of “PowerDVD” 10, consumers will enjoy Full HD Blu-ray movies, plus the new media-enhancing features of CyberLink’s advanced suite of TrueTheater technologies: TrueTheater 3D, TrueTheater HD, TrueTheater Noise Reduction, and TrueTheater Stabilizer. What’s more, with a “Mark II” scheduled for release this summer, consumers can add Blu-ray 3D playback and 2D-to-3D video file conversion to their software. Mark II will be free for consumers who already purchased PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D.
Referring to PowerDVD 10 as a major milestone for CyberLink, Alice H. Chang, CyberLink CEO declared: “We’re not just talking about an incremental shift in quality; PowerDVD 10 represents a new era of media entertainment, offering the best 3D and HD experience you can enjoy on the PC.”
“We’ve upgraded playback quality for video files and music too, turning PowerDVD 10 into a unique universal player that enhances the visual and auditory experience for all kinds of media,” said Alice H. Chang.
In addition to new playback features, “PowerDVD” 10 enables new online experiences, with more features for sharing movie reviews and live comments to social networks on Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive.com.
” 10 offers the following high-performance features for enjoying movies on the PC:
Blu-ray Movies in 3D
– Brilliant Blu-ray 3D, including comprehensive support for various 3D playback hardware, ensures exceptional playback quality for the soon-to-be-released Blu-ray 3D format. (A free “Mark II” upgrade will be made available to existing PowerDVD 10 Ultra users to enable Blu-ray 3D features.)
– Improved optimization for Intel Core Family Processors, NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream, delivers smooth playback for high-definition content by leveraging the power of the latest hardware acceleration technology.
– Lossless HD audio, including support for HDMI 1.3a, offers pure 8-channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio via a single cable.
– Fast Blu-ray loading enables consumers to access their Blu-ray movies on the PC up to four times faster.
DVDs in 3D and HD
– Advanced “Cyberlink” TrueTheater 3D technology, lets consumers transform their existing 2D DVD content into a 3D experience.
– HD upscaling for DVDs, using CyberLink TrueTheater HD technology, sharpens the image quality of standard definition content for playback on high-definition TVs and monitors.
Enhanced Videos and Music
– Quality-enhancing TrueTheater Technology for videos improves the playback experience for video files, including real-time correction of home movies using TrueTheater Stabilizer and TrueTheater Noise Reduction. PowerDVD also includes TrueTheater HD, TrueTheater Motion, and TrueTheater Lighting for upscaling and enhancing video files too.
– TrueTheater Surround for music allows “PowerDVD” users to customize their playback experience according to their home theater hardware and personal taste, with a range of settings for optimizing audio playback.
– Extensive file format support enables playback of even more movie types, including QT, MOV, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV, and 3GPP, and support for subtitle formats including smi, ass, ssa, psb, srt and sub.
– Refreshed universal player interface integrates access to movies, videos and music files, without compromising the traditional simplicity of the PowerDVD interface design.
– Playlist features allow consumers to easily create video and music playlists of their favorite media.
Movie Reviews and Live Comments
– MovieMarks offer a brand new way for “PowerDVD” users to bookmark, write and share movie reviews, by adding comments and descriptions to bookmarks of key movie scenes.
– Sharing MovieMarks on MoovieLive.com is a new feature allowing reviewers to upload their reviews to PowerDVD’s online community MoovieLive.com. MovieMarks can be downloaded and shared.
– Short Comments allow users to post live updates to Facebook, Twitter and MoovieLive.com as they are watching their movie.
– PowerDVD Movie Page provides direct access to the latest content on MoovieLive.com, with links to recent movie reviews, trailers, and product tutorials, more in-depth movie information, and the ability to post live comments to Twitter and Facebook.
Support for Windows 7
– Touch support allows users to navigate features by touch, including their Movie Collection via PowerDVD’s FancyView interface.
– Ambient Light support offers compatibility with hardware featuring the power-saving feature of the latest notebooks.
– Support for Windows 7 music library features enables easy creation of music playlists and track management directly from within PowerDVD 10.
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