Datalife Engine 9.2 UTF-8 Full Nulled

 Datalife Engine 
9.2 UTF-8 Full Nulled

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Completed the main phase of development of version 9.2 release is in testing and in preparation, but for now we suggest you read the information about what awaits you with a new release. In this release, you expect new and useful sections in the Admin Panel script, new features online editor, templates, automatic notification of the majority of search engines on the new site map, several new BB tags, and much more, but everything in detail ...

1. In Admin Panel added a new section to control the tag cloud. Access to this section is configured in group settings, you may like to ban the use of this section for certain groups and deny. In this section you can edit and delete keywords in the tag cloud. Also in the case of renaming a tag to the existing name, the script will automatically find and remove duplicate directly from the publication.

2. In the template the full news (fullstory.tpl) added new tag [related-news] text [/ related-News] , which displays information only if for this article contains related news, otherwise the information is deleted from the template. Thus, you can not show too much formatting in a template designed to display related news, if those for the news.

3. In short patterns and full news (shortstory.tpl, fullstory.tpl) added the following tags: [Poll] text [/ poll] display text in these tags, if this publication is given survey, [Not-Poll] text [/ not- poll] display text in these tags, if this publication was not given a poll. Thus, you can specify a different design for the surveys on the site, as well as for publications that do not contain polls.

4. As of control on the home page tab display general statistics regarding the site and clear the cache moved to the first tab, for more convenience with admipanelyu script. Also, for users who have access to adminpanel, but do not have administrator rights, also added a tab with the general site statistics and fast access to edit the news are on moderation and comments, if they have appropriate access to the group settings.

5. All functions of administration panel on the front page, such as cleaning the cache, maintaining a notebook, unsubscribing users from receiving notifications of new comments have been moved to the use of technology AJAX, ie executed without reloading the page.

6. Added ability to view all polls on the site. You can place the template a special link, clicking which, in a special pop-up window will show the visitor all the voting site, as well as their results. User is presented with a complete archive of the vote, including voting, receiving votes on which, over. If the vote actively and visitor has not voted in this poll, it will immediately take part in the selected survey.

DataLife Engine v.9.2 Press Release
7. Added the ability for mass communications in the administration panel, select multiple groups of users who will be sent the message.

8. Added a new online editor to edit website templates in the administration panel. The new editor can edit any template files that are in the templates folder, and not just standard files. As editor allows using files tpl, and edit files with CSS styles and javascript files. Files at the same time can be located not only in the main template folder, but in the internal template folder. Selecting files for editing, as well as editing and saving the edited file by using the AJAX technology without reloading the page. Also, among other things, when editing files all the text is derived using a specialized light that makes editing code. Also, you can create new files for the template with the extension. Tpl directly in the administration panel without using FTP access.

9. In order to improve site security spam update service support reCAPTCHA. you can in your script to install some type of CAPTCHA to be used on the site, while also specify the public / private key directly to its own site. Also in your script, you can choose what theme to use the site to display the widget. To display the widget on the site templates are used tags: [recaptcha] {recaptcha} [/ recaptcha]

10. In short patterns and full news (shortstory.tpl, fullstory.tpl) added the following tags: [profile] text [/ profile] , who derive a direct link to the author's profile publications, without the use of pop-up window miniprofile. Thus, you can specify in the templates, for example [profile] {login} [/ profile] , which will lead author login with a direct link to your profile. These tags, such as when you are using them in a mobile version of the site where miniprofile undesirable because of the limited size of mobile phone screen.

11. In admipaneli added dynamic control system is writable folders and files , if they so require. For example, when editing the settings, or templates, for they have no rights to write the script will notify you. This control is useful, for example, when migrating a site on another server, many overlook the rights of the recording.

12. In Admin Panel added a new module, "Rebuilding the publications." In this section you can rearrange your news with the new settings or changes to the script file. As we know all the news on the site are stored in the database is ready to form as, for example, and for the changes to some settings, the script must resave the news. This module produces the rebuilding of all the news in the database. This module is built entirely on the technology of AJAX, shows the scale of the operation, in case of any failure to rebuild, or for example a temporary fall of the server displays the appropriate error and allows to proceed with the point of failure.

13. From template login.tpl removed support for PHP code, this template file is completely transferred to the support of the usual template file and the usual template tag. The list of supported tags in this template, you can read the documentation for the script. Despite, the fact that it is a bit limited in functionality, this innovation allows you to isolate a pattern from the PHP logic. Very often, attackers use this file for the attack on the server, if the pattern was downloaded from dubious sources.

14. As of control when sending mass E-mail messages, added a new mechanism for sending messages, allowing a recovery server in the process of mailing, to continue the list from the point of failure, while pressing the "Continue" button on this page, newsletter will then be automatically resume after the last message sent. In this case, when we send displays a convenient visual display of sent messages.

15. Added ability to send author of the publication notice of the removal of news not only for its removal of control, but its removal from the site.

16. Added ability to send the site moderator, Notification of publications, for example, they can send a message to the author of publications on the need to improve the news. Sending this notification is done using technology AJAX.

17. Improved compatibility script with different configurations of servers, which allows to avoid additional different server settings.

18. Completely rewritten a mechanism for sending E-mail messages from the site of administration and other users. Check all the entries, and also directly send a message now takes place by means of AJAX without refreshing the page that not only saves server resources, but also allows in case of erroneous input any information, such as security code, correct errors without losing previously entered information.

19. When viewing unread publications on the site visitor, in the absence of new publications for the visitor appears more clear message that no new publications, and not a generic error message as before.

20. For BBCODES editor adds support for tags of type "list". You can use as a regular list and numbered list, also possible to nest lists of each other.

21. When you check the publications of users in the admin panel, added the ability to send them a personal message notification without removing the news. For example, you can tell the authors of the publication of the necessary improvements before it is published on the site, or to report a need for its revision after publication on the site. Notifications sent using the technology of AJAX, without reloading the page.

22. Added support for quotes for additional fields of news, when choosing the type of the additional field "List (Select)".

23. When editing static pages, added protection from the use of duplicate names and URL for static pages, also added auto-convert URL, if name contains invalid characters for a URL.

24. Completely rewritten scripts to work with AJAX, all functions have been rewritten to use jQuery, thereby own class used previously was removed from the script, which reduced the size of JS files used, and thus slightly speed up loading pages and code in the browser.

25. For mass action in editing publications has been added opportunity for the selected news, assign keywords to tag clouds.

26. Added the ability to notice the different search engines available on the new site map. Notification occurs once the six search engines: Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, Weblogs, Ask. At the same time send a site map for all the search engines is carried out in a single click, using technology AJAX.

27. All three standard templates that come with your distribution script has been replaced by a completely new, modern patterns. New templates demonstrate various capabilities of the script and everyone is in their unique, with its own set of different functions, and design. The developer of the template was the company CENTROARTs.

28. Improved performance when displaying the script comments on the site, as well as reduced load on the database when displaying comments.

29. Changes in processing algorithm for additional fields for news. If the field is set to type "one line", then this field will be automatically processed in a secure way, without the possibility of using HTML, as well as for the field will not be made processing BB tags. This change adds even more flexibility in the design field in the template, because no need to include safe mode in the settings, just because of the fields of this type, as for example, the field will not be used, for example, automatically convert into clickable links, which allows proper clearance as a reference and description of the link. Also, among other things, reduced load on the server when editing news, contain additional fields.

30. Improved system for automated assistance in completing the tag cloud. Added support for control buttons, as well as commas when entering words break automatically.

31. Improved system security by registering visually similar logins on the site. For example, you can not use multiple spaces in a row when the user logs on the site.

32. Improved security system that monitors the protection from password guessing users on the site, brute force.

33. Conclusion block popular news translated into the use of tags,[/b] "ul" and "li", which allows much more possibilities for design of this block in the template.

34. Minor fixes to correct problems associated with the passage of the validity of some pages.

[b]35. Redesigned the navigation system through the pages of publications. excluded from the navigation links type, which are duplicate page, which contributed to the appearance of duplicate pages in search engines.

36. Improved system for automatically determining the size of the window Smiley, avoiding the appearance of horizontal scroll bar when selecting and inserting smileys.

37. Added support for Cyrillic domains. RF when creating a site map and a notice of search engines available on the new card. Search engines Yahoo and Ask does not currently support Cyrillic domains.

38. Added support for Cyrillic domains. RF when playing video and audio files from the data domain.

39. Added support for Cyrillic domains. RF e-mail addresses. Attention: DLE does not provide delivery of letters, he only tells the mail server to send mail. But support for Cyrillic domain mail servers have not yet introduced or introduced to a very limited, not all, because Such addresses contradict the specification RFC. Therefore, do not use Cyrillic domains as e-mail addresses, because it is likely that there will be problems with mail delivery. Full support of these domains on the server side, you will probably not earlier than 2-3 years, when they changed the specification. We've added support only from the script as a reserve for the future that he would not block the sending of the letters.

40. Updated WYSIWYG editor to latest version , complete list of changes you can see on the page:, as well as the redesign of the panel was held WYSIWYG editor.

41. Added support for browser IE9 Beta.

42. The distribution included a robots.txt to control search engine spiders on your site. In this file we tried to create the most favorable conditions for the indexing of your site, which prevents indexing unnecessary, in our opinion, for an index page that allows you to remove it from indexing little significant information improve the relevance of the site, as well as reduce the load on the server from the search engines for indexing. For example, from the index were removed all special pages, such as adding news, registration, personal communication. It was also forbidden to index user profiles and viewing the latest comments on the site, which is extremely positive effect on the load on the site.

43. Fixed an issue where in certain cases, users can view the hidden text, published in the news summary, provided that in group settings they have been denied can view this text.

44. Fixed an issue where the spam robots could circumvent blocking by IP, set the filter IP addresses of control, using AJAX features script.

45. Fixed issue where incorrect values appear ext. fields, the default, if they kept special. characters.

46. Fixed a problem where a search on the fly also carried out searches of news, which had not yet been published or publication date has not come yet.

47. Fixed the previously declared and small mistakes in the script.



Programming Windows Phone 7 | Hotfile

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Programming Windows Phone 7 | 10.4 Mb | Pdf

Get started building your own apps and utilities for Windows Phone 7—expertly guided by award-winning author Charles Petzold. Focusing on Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and the C# language, you’ll learn how to extend your existing skills to this new mobile platform—mastering the core tools and techniques you need to get productive quickly. As always, Charles brings a unique combination of pragmatism and inspiration to his instruction—along with a wealth of hands-on examples.

Discover how to:

* Customize page navigation and layout
* Know when to use code vs. XAML markup
* Capture and embed bitmaps, balancing performance issues
* Support multi-touch input—including tap, drag, flick, and pinch
* Work with accelerometer and location services
* Experiment with panoramic and pivot controls
* Create effects using built-in or custom animations
* Manage state, tombstoning, data-binding, and storage
* Write your own templates and custom controls
* Test-drive your app on Windows Phone Emulator




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Folded paper style landing page in the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) format. Narrow page width and subtle colors guide the visitor down the page to the call to action. Call to action opens contact form in a modal window powered by Fancybox. Complete with confirmation page. Add your own content and form handling and you’re ready to go.
This landing page follows the AIDA format in its 4 sections. AIDA is an acronym for the age old practice of getting high converting landing pages. It originated in print media and is a proven technique for capturing online leads. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and most importantly, ACTION !
Features & Benefits:
  • @font-face font replacement
  • PSD Design and markup
  • Fancybox integration for modal window
  • 54 button color x size combinations
  • Optional Subscribe button with modal form
  • PSD files included
  • Documentation



Admin Control Panel Pro - Simple & Professional.HTML.RIP-dESiGNERz-CREW.iNFO | Mediafire

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Professional Admin Interface
This professional admin interface has been designed with not just style but also functionality in mind. Modern design coupled with jQuery powered features makes this admin template a winner. Well documented semantic code that’s w3c standards compliant makes editing an absolute breeze.
  • 3 Themes Included! – Blue, Red & Green
  • Editable Fireworks .PNG’s included.
  • Also…Every element used provided as an editable .PNG to making skinning super-fast!
  • Includes Login Screen
  • Fully working jQuery powered
  • jQuery Tabs
  • Dynamic jQuery Graphs – Pie, Line, Bar, Area (Creates graphs from basic table data)
  • jQuery WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor
  • jQuery Lightbox/Notifcations box
  • jQuery Accordion Navigation Menu
  • Liquid layout – The content resizes to the user’s window
  • Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS
  • Well commented code
  • Custom List types
  • Very Lightweight
  • Various Input Box Styles – Standard, Error, Correct
  • Cross-browser compatible from IE6 !
  • Smart Check-all-checkboxes function (check the first checkbox to check all)
  • 2 x Submit/Button styles included
  • Easy to customise!

Demo -





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