Call of Duty: Black Ops Windows 7 Themes

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Another Call of Duty game on the way, the Black Ops. I'm not a big fans of FPS game but i guess my fellow readers will like this. As per your request, gaming windows 7 themes for you all, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Windows 7 Themes.

Simple themes made up of official wallpaper and some other fan made ones. All wallpaper are in HD quality.



The Old One From Hotfile But The Link Was Dead , Now We Uploaded It To Mediafire


i Like Viral traffic plug in for WordPress


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This is the viral traffic plug in for WordPress that you have always wished for, but never found. It has now finally arrived and you can benefit from it immediately. How will this plug in benefit you?

1) Gently pushing the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ to your visitors will increase their response. Using this method your visitors will press the ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ button in the pop-up frame and which will in turn increase the visits to your site hundred or even thousandfold, virally.

2) You can also earn a huge affiliate revenue just from using the plug in on your site, as it will sell it self to your webmaster visitors who will want the same viral solution that you have. Many of them will even be there because they came to your site virally. Earn minimum $15 for each new buyer you refer..
Imagine if not only 3 out of 1.000 of your site’s visitors pressed the Facebook ‘Like’ button, but 2 out of 10 and then imagine the viral effect this will have on your site ! This is viral at its best as you will experience.

The best social media viral plugin

There is no other WordPress traffic generator plug in that will increase you traffic so fast by using social media viral techniques. This plug in is designed to be polite, with minimum intrusiveness but still to increase your ‘Like’ ratio by many times which will increase your visitors, over and over again.

Increase Traffic and Profits

More traffic means more money! This goes both informational blogs or if you are selling products on site. Increasing traffic is the biggest headache for all site owners, as buying traffic is expensive, and SEO methods take long time to work, and are never certain to increase your rank enough to generate real traffic. With the i Like viral traffic generator you will increase your traffic exponentially, provided that you have some minimum traffic already. If you have no traffic, this plug in can not help you as it counts on existing users referring your site to others.
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