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Learn English | Australia Network - Living English Download Parts

1st Part Watch

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Episode 1: Pleased to meet you
Episode 2: Enjoy Your Stay
Episode 3: What time is it?
Episode 4: Second on the Left
Episode 5: Are you married?
Episode 6: He didn't write
Episode 7: Come to Lunch
Episode 8: This is my brother
Episode 9: The most beautiful city
Episode 10: What's the matter?
Episode 11: Let me Help
Episode 12: The day after tomorrow
Episode 13: What are you doing tomorrow?
Episode 14: Are there some kangaroos?
Episode 15: A big grey one
Episode 16: What Would you Like?
Episode 17: I usually catch a bus
Episode 18: There's a message for you
Episode 19: I haven't found him
Episode 20: You walk sadly
Episode 21: Single trip or Daytrip?
Episode 22: Look after yourself
Episode 23: If I were You
Episode 24: The Most Expensive Wine
Episode 25: How many prawns?
Episode 26: I thought I saw him
Episode 27: It's made of gold
Episode 28: You should relax
Episode 29: Do you have a wok?
Episode 30: First, fry the prawns
Episode 31: That was Delicious
Episode 32: He says he knows my brother
Episode 33: Who Wants to Know?
Episode 34: You were going too fast
Episode 35: This is the house


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Anonymous said...

tnx for these videos ... i have 1 request , pls upload other parts of tis serial , i mean 36-37-38-39-40-41-42


July 27, 2011 at 3:41 PM

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