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Fantastic Flame Screensaver v7.2.0.0 Repack

This unusual screen saver enliven your desktop! When Fantastic Flame is lit, everything on your desktop - wallpaper, shortcuts, windows - start to burn and smoke. In addition, together with the screen saver you will get a variety of deals and wallpapers (Zodiac signs, movie posters, pictures, etc.) and different color styles of fire. Your friends you always say: Oh, your desktop is burning!

Distribution screensaver contains more than 70 styles of flame. Here are some of them are: Wood, Golden Embossing, Thermovisor, Aspid. Of course, you can easily create your own type of fire. Fantastic making (palette), the style of the flame has also terrestrial parameters, such as intensity and wind direction. By the way, at any time you can make a screenshot of burning desktop, simply press "ENTER" right of the screen saver! Yes, even you can quickly run a screensaver using the tray icon or pressing Ctrl-Alt-F.

A perfect complement Fantastic Flame Screensaver is a background sound. This noise and crackling fire (several species), the beautiful bells, and, of course, music, set by the user. However, if you're not a fan of meditation under the audio soundtrack, the program allows to make a sound so loud or off. You can customize a method and frame styles, the way out - with the screensaver (for lyrical and romantic) or without (for quick and decisive). The program interface is very nice and thoughtful.

* Very realistic flame effects
* Unlimited number of color combinations of fire
* The program includes mnozhestvogotovyh styles of fire
* The screensaver includes a convenient editor of the flame effect with the ability to preview
* Styles of flame can be played in random order
* Ability to choose any background music for the screensaver

On file:
Enabling | reg code: Present
Language: English
File Format: RAR
Platform / OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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